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Bridal Shower Bliss: The Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts Plus Fun Game Ideas with Engaged Indiana

Hello to all the brides-to-be and the fabulous people planning their showers! Engaged Indiana is here to sprinkle some of our expert magic on your bridal shower plans. From navigating the do’s and don’ts to spicing up the party with games everyone will adore, we’ve got you covered! So, grab your party hats, and let’s dive into making your bridal shower an unforgettable prelude to your big day.

Who Plans the Bridal Shower?

Let’s set the stage with who traditionally whips up this delightful festivity. While there’s no hard and fast rule, typically the maid of honor teams up with the bridesmaids to plan the bridal shower. It’s their joyful duty to celebrate the bride with this heartfelt gathering. Of course, family members often lend a helping hand, ensuring that everything from the decor to the guest list is pitch perfect.

Do’s of Bridal Shower Planning:

1. Do Consult the Bride: Before you start wedding planning, make sure to get a sense of what the bride wants. Is she up for a surprise party, or would she prefer to have a say in the planning? Knowing her vision will guide your decisions and help avoid any faux pas.

2. Do Mind the Guest List: Only invite people who are also invited to the wedding. This keeps things cohesive and avoids any potential awkwardness.

3. Do Send Invitations Early: Aim to send out invites about six to eight weeks in advance. This gives guests plenty of time to RSVP and arrange their schedules.

4. Do Keep it Personal: Tailor the theme and activities to fit the bride’s personality. Whether she’s a yoga enthusiast or a craft beer aficionado, let her personality shine through in the details

Don’ts of Bridal Shower Planning:

1. Don’t Overwhelm the Guest List: A bridal shower is usually an intimate affair. Keep it relatively small and manageable—think close friends and family rather than everyone the bride knows.

2. Don’t Make it a Second Wedding: While it’s a special occasion, the bridal shower shouldn’t overshadow the wedding. Keep it fun and light without the extravagant trappings of the big day.

3. Don’t Forget About Logistics: Consider accessibility for all guests, including those with mobility issues. Ensure the venue is comfortable and accommodating for everyone.

4. Don’t Stress the Bride: This day is all about relaxing and having fun. Handle any hiccups discreetly and keep the atmosphere joyful and stress-free.

Guide to Bridal Shower Games

What’s a bridal shower without a few games? Here are some crowd-pleasers that are sure to bring laughter and create lasting memories:

1. Wedding Movie Charades: Make a list of popular wedding movies and have guests act them out for others to guess. It’s a great way to break the ice!

2. How Well Do You Know the Bride: Prepare a quiz about the bride’s favorites, past adventures, and even future plans. It’s a fun way for guests to learn more about her life and love story.

3. Bridal Bingo: Customize bingo cards with details that might come up during the shower (like “mentions honeymoon,” “opens a kitchen gadget,” etc.). It’s a playful way to engage guests during gift-opening time.

4. Love Story Mad Libs: Create a mad lib of the couple’s love story and let guests fill in the blanks. Read the funniest ones out loud for a good laugh.

Remember, the best bridal showers reflect the bride’s taste and provide a comfortable environment for guests to mingle and celebrate. With these tips from Engaged Indiana, your bridal shower is sure to be a hit, filled with fun, love, and a touch of personal flair. Happy planning, and here’s to a shower that showers her with joy!

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